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    Treo 300 2 yrs > Treo 600 1 1/2 yrs > Not going anywhere just yet.

    Just wondering... what is the speculation that a new generation Treo (Treo 700) could be coming by year end? My thinking is that I can wait this year out and not upgrade to the Treo 650 with all of its issues (low memory) and jump on the next treo. Every year or year and a half they have produced a new treo. I personally don't think it is worth upgrading yet from the 600. BUT for me to make my decision I want to know what you think... are they going to have a new model out by year end? Can they afford not to with how the market is pushing to steal marketshare? has anyone seen anything that I have missed?
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    My opinion, and this based on deduction, not hard facts, is that there would not be a 650 unless there is going to be a 700. Otherwise the current 650 would be called a 700.
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    I want nothing to do with this conversation. I have been obsessing about this phone for the last 6 months and don't know if I can handle starting to obsess about another one that's a year (or more) off...

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