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    Anyone else about had it with trying to find a clear (no static/popping) BT headset for the 650?

    I've read about too many people who've bought 3, 4, 5 headsets in just such a search. I had my own experience this weekend that makes me want to throw in the towel.

    I got a Moto 820 for Christmas as my 1st BT headset. After enduring the low volume an frequent popping noises, I decided to try the Scala 500. The volume was definitely better but it seems that I get lots of crackling/ popping when the headset is more than 6 ft from the handset.

    On Sunday a buddy of mine brought over his new Moto RazR phone (very sweet). He had never used a BT head set with it yet, so I offered mine to show him how cool the technology could be. Well, it turns out that the Scala wouldn't pair with his phone. Still having the Moto 820, we tried it. It paired right up in a blink of an eye. The clarity of the headset blew me away. I couldn't tell the difference if I was 5 ft from the RazR or 30 ft -- it was equally clear. The volume was loud and crisp. This is the same 820 headset that has been panned by soooo many on this forum.

    This experience begs the question: has P1 simply put in inferior BT technology in the 650, resulting in thousands of hours & $$ in owners trying to find an acceptable headset solution -- only to find that there are very few (if any) options? I know there are those who say that they have headsets that work clearly, but my little experiment this weekend doesn't give me any reason for optimism in me being able to achieve the same.
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    i agree that it is a treo 650 issue. i have a total of 3 bt headsets. the volume was not an issue on my sony ericsson t 608. but all 3 are lacking with the treo. even with the btmute fix. i have the scala 500, a sony ericsson hbh65 and a generic. the scala is louder with the treo and btmute fix. but just barely. i would say just buy a headset based on the style you like. none of them will be adequate in the volume dept. and my cheapo generic has better range than the scala.
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    I know how you feel. Since purchasing my 650 I've tried the Jabra 250, Moto HS810 and the Gennum ZEN. Each sounded very poor. Lots of static and poor voice quality. As a last ditch effort I picked up a SE HBH-300. It's by far the best bluetooth headset I've heard. It has built in noise suppression technology for clear audio, connects quickly to the 650 and with the addition of a Jabra ear-gel, the volume level is adequate. No static, no garbled audio. Don't loose hope, give the HBH-300 a try!
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    I have just found out that the Bluespoon AX headset has been tested and works fine with the 650.

    It is also very small. One of the smallest until nextlink comes out with the bluespoon 5G
    Says that it worked "smoothly"!
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    I tend to agree that it is the T650 bluetooth stack rather than the headset. Of course, some headsets will perform better than others in this case, particularly an amplified ear piece like the Sacal 500, but that solves the issue with the T650 only to some extent, and does not address the core issue of the bluetooth implementation on the T650 itself.
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    I too use the hbh-300 and have to use a jabra eargel to make it loud enough to use... sort of. It has issues with aquireing the call from the phone, sometimes voice clarity, but definatly volume problem is the worst part. It is only bearable with the eargel and in a quiet envoirnment which makes it useless because the reason that I bought a bluetooth headset in the first place was to use while I am driving. I went out of my way to buy the best headset that I could find for that application, and it still ended up being crap. My car is heavily modified and quite loud with non reclineable high waist racing seats and 4 point racing harnesses which limit your movement. I needed a solution which would allow me to leave my headset in my ear so I could pick up my phone without unhooking my harneses and fidgeting around in my pockets. In the end, I ended up with a solution which makes me fidget just as much with my phone to get the headset to work, and I cant hear the people on the other end! I didnt have this problem with higher quality wired headsets, so I know its not impossible to ask this of a headset. I can remember once trying to pick up a call as I passed the palm one building which is on 880 in milpitas CA, and It didnt work. Ironic no? Gave up on the call and just decided to flip them off instead . Made me feel better at least...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ej25goddess
    and just decided to flip them off instead . Made me feel better at least...
    You go, girl! <snap snap>
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    I find that none of the BT headsets work well in close proximity to WiFi transmitter.

    I had to turn-off WiFi on my laptop to get any of them to pair within 10 feet of it.
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    I have the Plantronics 3500 and it seems to work just fine - so far
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    Quote Originally Posted by TREOpalooza
    Still having the Moto 820, we tried it. It paired right up in a blink of an eye. The clarity of the headset blew me away.

    Well, since it was a Moto headset and Moto phone, you would expect them to pair and work fine huh?!
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    I've been using the free Jabra bluetooth headset from Palmone, and it works flawlessly. So, I'm a little at a loss as to what you guys are talking about. I have no problem pairing with my Treo and the sound is loud and clear. Though I haven't tested it with more then about 6 feet of separation. Tomorrow I'll test to see how far I can go before the signal starts to deteriorate.


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