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    I have just purchesed a HandSpring Visor Deluxe, and I have a few quick questions.

    I was wondering if any other Visor users have had any luck getting PalmICQ to work on the Visor? I will defiently try as soon as mine gets here.

    Also, if I got the modem for the Visor, I was wondering if it would work with AOL, or any other National ISPs so on longer trips I would be able to to use the internet. Netzero or one of those other free services would be ideal, but they require propriatary software and I doubt there is a huge demand for it on the Palm platform.

    One last thing, do any of those PPP services for Palm-to-PC communication support the USB connection the Visor provides with its cradle?

    Any information would be appreciated.
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    I've been using freenet. It's sort of like a netzero but no proprietary software so I can connect with my visor.
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    There is no easy way to put PalmIcq on your visor. Im sure there is a hard way, I just dont know it. whatever it is, it it extremly difficult. AOL has its own version you can download and use with your visor. Although personally, I have not used it. I am sure it is as ****ty as the service.
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    As for the PPP connection, if you have linux, check out LinkUSB (as it works for Windows and Linux, but it has links to instructions for Linux).

    MochaSoft makes Mocha W32 PPP -- a PPP server that should work with a Visor -- but it only supports serial connections (though they claim to soon be supporting the Visor and USB).

    Trinition (
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    DTD, AOL isn't that bad for people who want things simple. My mother uses it and loves it.

    As for PalmICQ, do you know what you're talking about? I've never heard of any Visor user having toruble loading PalmICQ on their Visor. And why would AOL have its own version of ICQ? AOL owns ICQ! Theres AIM, but theres no official software release for the Palm yet.
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    Is FreeNet nationwide? The only freenet I could find was at, and it was for somewhere in New York only.
    If this is not the service you are talking about, could you please post the URL?

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    Another free ISP is FreeWWWeb. No special software is required and there are no annoying ads.

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