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    Does anybody know of a good shareware or freeware database program that I can use for storing passwords, credit card numbers etc.?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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    I wouldn't use a database for this. None of the ones that I'm familiar with have any encryption, just password protection which is easily broken. I purchased Secret!, I believe it was at PalmGear. It has a PC application and a Palm application, and it uses strong encryption to store its data. If you really want to use a database, both HanDBase and ThinkDB are excellent with verying strong points. But neither offers strong encryption. Hope that helps.

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    I use WebConfidential. There are Mac and Palm versions, with a wintel version on the way. There is currently a mac conduit so you can enter on the mac and synch to the Palm, or vice versa.

    It uses very strong encryption, especially if you use a sufficiently long password.
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    Try STRIP (Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords). Works great. Uses 128 bit encryption. Is Free also!

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    Ash: A mac/palm password organizer! I've been looking everywhere for one. I'm downloading it now.

    One much is it? I can't find a price anywhere on their web site.
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    I use STRIP. It's a good program but I ran into a problem that maybe other users have a solution for. I had to do a hard reset after my Visor completely froze on the "Palm Computing" first screen. I don't know how it ended up there... I just pulled it out and it was turned on and stuck on that screen.

    I reset with my reset pin but then lost everything. I hotsync'd to get the data back but is it normal to lose some applications?

    I lost:


    Luckily and unluckily, I had backed up to my backup module but about 10 days ago. I hotsync everyday so I ended up losing 10 days of appts so I could keep my passwords, etc from STRIP.

    Anyone have a solution for me?

    Thanks! (I suppose other than this reset issue, I'm very happy with STRIP. But if I stand the chance of losing all my passwords if I hadn't backed up due to the fact that the hotsync will NOT back up STRIP... what is a guy to do?)
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    Applications aren't necessarily backed up at all unless you use some sort of backup application such as BackUpAll, BackUpBuddy, or the Backup Module.

    That's why I've been looking for a good password app that Syncs with the desktop. There isn't anything for the Mac, though, except the above mentioned WebConfidential, which is nice, but has some serious interface flaws (can anyone tell me how to get my passwords to actually SHOW as opposed to the ""?) and while the desktop app works, its not the most user friendly interface.

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