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    Please tell what it is you do with your memory card reader so that I can decide if I too need one. LOL How does this add convenience to your life?

    If I understand correctly it's probably better used for those folks who are taking tons of pictures on vacation and want to clear their card to add more pix. But geees if you've got a 1G card is this really necessary anymore and can't you do the same thing via a synch cable and laptop? I could understadn the need with a 128mb. Besides, I'll be using my 512MB for MP3s mostly and storing software, so do I need to buy a memory card reader.

    I was looking at this one:

    Thank you TC board. This eclectic gathering of folks have yet to steer me wrong.

    BTW, I decided on the ATP 60x 512MB - regarding my other thread.
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    I just have a 256 card, and am very glad I have my reader for moving mp3's and other large files. It takes forever to sync large files over, and the card reader makes it much quicker. If you are going to store mp3's on the card, I strongly suggest getting a cheap memory card reader.
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    Using the memory card reader will be faster than doing hotsyncs, and more convenient when using a digital camera.
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    Yeah, for Treo purposes I'd say the only reason is for moving audio files to the card. But I use my reader for digital photography, too.
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    Two thoughts here. The first is that CARD EXPORT ( ) may be what you are looking for. It allows the SD card in yoiur treo to be seen as a USB drive on your PC and allows you to transfer files back and forth.

    If you are truly looking for a card reader, you might want to look at Lexar's Jumpdrive Trio which operates just like a USB key drive. ( .)

    I use both. I keep my spare SD card in my Jumpdrive.
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    making phone calls, taking notes, crafting documents, play games, access the internet(s) as bush would say, send email, GPS navagation, playing mp3s, and etc..

    Well as you probaly figured my memory card reader is ...................... my Treo 650 . Use Card Export II it has worked quite well for me.
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    Thanks to all!!! I'm definitely going to get a reader after reading the posts. I'll decide between the jumpdrive and Card Export II.

    If anyone else has more suggestions as to the type readers you use, I'd be glad to read as I will be making my purchase Friday.
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    I bought one of these (think it's the Pro V) about two years ago and it's been great.... Slides right into a 3.5" drive bay so it's stealthy (can also be used externally if desired -- comes with regular usb plug, or pinned out plug to connect directly to motherboard)

    I got it from

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