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    Is it possible for Treo 650 screen have burn-in due to wide screen (those two black strips on top and bottom of the screen)?

    I just recorded a movie using Pocket-DVD, but it was in wide-screen format (and I did crop the sides off), and so when I play it on my Treo 650 it has those black strips on top and bottom of the screen ... so naturally I was wondering if playing a movie for an hour and half with those strips there would affect the screen or cause burn-in ... thoughts?

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    It is unlikely; LCD displays are not easily subject to burn in.
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    good question. i was wondering the same thing with my splash clock application. thanks for the quick answer jagger.
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    Screen burn is still possible, I have a 17inch LCD moniter I use as a terminal and It has a ghost image do to screen burn in. But we are talking months on end of a consistant image.


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