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    I have been using MidCapsHack since the day I got my IVD. I'm crazy about it and actually had to look up how to capitalize a letter manually today...


    Well, I installed FlipHack & FlipGraffittiHack. (long story as for why, but suffice it to say that it's for pocket quicken)

    When I flip the screen, the regular text and numeric portions of the graffitti area flip to the same orientation as the screen. Great! Unfortunately, MidCapsHack doesn't work correctly in the flipped orientation.

    Before writing to the authors of the Hacks, I wanted to post here to make sure I'm not just experiencing an anomoly...

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    Hey, where can I download FlipGraffitiHack? I love Fliphack and was hoping the developer would release a graffiti hack to go with it. I also use MiddleCapHack and will let you know if I experience the same problem.

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