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    cast ,thank you i was referring to the hack in the launcher x prefs
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    I'm an old Launcher III user who has been using LauncherIII and LauncherX for a LONG time...

    Thanks to Tiffany for pointing out the skins. I hadn't thought about changing mine, and now it's like I have a new launcher with the same functionality that I've always loved.

    I've been using the updated Lx with patch for the Treo 650's 5-way with no problems at I'm sticking with LauncherX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany
    mapaman, you'll find some great skins here:

    I'm using Luminx (Top HD)
    Thanks I looked at Luminx but it didn't have Treo listed as a supported platform. Thanks for guinea pigging it for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany
    I may be missing something here..but you can of course name your tabs to whatever you want - like M, A, U etc and the tab size gets adjusted to the length of the letters.

    Maybe I oughtta go back and try again. I like having full names for the categories but prefer only the first letter to appear on the tab. IIRC, the height of the tab remains the same, no matter what the length of the name and it's the vertical real estate that I was missing.
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    Perfect. LauncherX is exactly what I am looking for on my Treo 600 (5-way center works too). Simple, clean, utilitarian and saves me time from scrolling through all the different pages of the main launcher just to get to my SD card apps. Although I haven't found much use for the buttons on the bottom yet but explore I shall!!
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