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    Is it possible to replace the Cingular firmware loaded in the Treo 650 with an unlocked Treo 650 firemware? If so, where can I find this firmware and the instructions? I'm assuming that once the new firmware is on, I won't see the ugly C logo forever, and I will be able to use my Treo with SIM cards from other carriers. I know that a lot of info was posted on the net about this issue, but I'm really looking for an authoritative response (no I thinks).
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    call cingular and tell them you are traveling overseas
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    If Cingular refuses, and I heard from new users who said they could not get Cingular to unlock their phones, you can get plenty of places to do it online for a minimal fee.

    But I also heard from some Treo650 and SX66 users that they are unlocked to begin with. lol
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    The Cingular Treo 650 is locked. The SX66 is not locked.
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    Thanks, Sophia. I believe you're right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by technogrammy
    The Cingular Treo 650 is locked. The SX66 is not locked.
    I posted this back on 2/1/05 when I first picked up my Cingular branded 650, but for whatever the reason, my Cingular Treo 650 is NOT locked. DUN is still disabled however. It was NOB and as far as I could tell I was the first person to open it. Has anyone else received an unlocked, Cingular branded 650?
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    It would be nice if they are unlocked. This way you can use prepaid SIM cards in Europe if you travel.

    I'm still tempted to get an SX66 to go with my Moto v551 and dump Sprint, but I'm scared of Cingular pricing and uncertainty. The only advantage I will have over being with Sprint is SIM card swapping for now. But as far as speed is concerned I'm connecting faster on CDMA than I am on EDGE.
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    Is there a way to know if the Treo 650 is unlocked without testing it with a SIM card from another network? I mean a code such as *#blabla? It would be nice to check if the Treo is/isn't locked in the Cingular store before buying it.
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    nope. just try a friend's sim card.
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