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    Has anyone tried the Seidio Emergency Charger with their 600 - does it work? This allows the Treo to be recharged using a standard 9v battery.

    Also, I'm considering the 2-in-1 Back Phones for Treo 600. Can anyone comment on the quality/performance of either the retractable or non-retractable models - and confirm that I do not need to use an external headset adapater with these phones?
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    Got my answer to the headset question - don't need an adapter.

    However, I'm still looking for some feedback on the Emergency Charger. Anybody?
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    I've used another manufacturer's charger with another manufacturer's PDA... how is that for "not the same"? :-)

    However, it did work as advertised, and very well! I used it on a week-long trip to the north woods, where there was no other power available.


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