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    Hello everyone, I could sure use some help here. Here is my senario:

    I have been using a Tungsten T3 for about a year and a half now. I just received my new Treo 650 (GSM) yesterday and when I got home I decided to do my first Hot Sync. I installed the 650's software first to cover up the previous version of Palm desktop as instucted by the manual and then I performed my first Sync. The problem I have is, when I Synced the new 650 it picked up alot of the old programs from my T3 that I did not want put on my new 650, I want to keep it as clean as possible. I know I can do a hard reset and go back to the factory default settings and files, but will this happen again next time I HotSync? If so, how do i keep this from happening in the future? Does anyone have a list of all of the factory default files that come in the Treo 650 (GSM)? Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Read these instructions from PalmOne about upgrading from another device.
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    Rename, move, or remove your Backup and Archive directories on your PC under your HotSynch Username. This way when you sync for the first time you'll start with a clean slate. Then you can go into those old directories and install the apps that you want to keep.,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(14403),ts=Palm_External2001
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    Thanks for the quick replies! Ok, I think I understand this. But have I already messed everything up since I have already HotSync'ed using the old ID? I cannot seem to find my backup folder also?? I have looked under c:\Program Files\Palm but cannot find my HotSync ID. Sorry for the lame newbie questions!
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    No problem, just do a hard reset on your Treo to restore back to factory settings. Your Hotsync username is usally truncated. For example, mine is Scottymomo but in the Palm directory it shows up as Scotty0 so look for something close to your hotsync ID or worst comes to worst do a search for Backup and/or Archive in the Palm folder
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