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    I had a Tungsten E and used the NotePad app more than any other program. I have experimented with many apps on the 650 to fulfill the same function, but none seem to satisfy me (NotePad, Diddlebug, BugMe, etc)

    Here is what I want to ba able to do.
    1. Open program with pressing a hard button (default to new note)
    2. Type in my note (on the keyboard, I like not using the stylus on the 650)
    3. Set alarm for the note with the 5way.
    4. Exit and see my list of notes.

    Notepad comes close to this, but the title field doesn't allow many characters before you can't type anymore. Also the 5way support isn't very good for setting alarm or moving between notes.

    Tasks app is close, but only let's you set alarm by day, not hour and minute.

    I guess I'm just looking for adding alarm option to the memopad? That would fill the need just fine. Don't need anything fancy, just type a note and set alarm without using the stylus.

    Anyone with me or know of a program that does this?
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    I've been searching for the samething. The trouble with Notepad, BudMe, and Diddlebug is that they do not render smooth cursive on 650.

    I ended up with Audacity Personal, a VDR program that offers alarm, synchronization, and the ability to record directly to SD with superb 5 nav support. It costs a little, but worth every penny IMHO.
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    I'm looking for just text input, not a voice recorder!

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