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    I was very disappointed to read that NOW Contact/U-T-D does not support bluetooth syncing, as bluetooth was one of the main factors in upgrading to the 650 from a 600.

    But low and behold, I can sync my Calendar and Contacts via Blutetooth! Anyone's experience differ from mine?
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    It's not up to NOW UTD to sync via bluetooth. The HotSync app handles the connection with the Treo to the Mac, like Palm HotSync Mgr. or The MissingSync. What they probably mean is direct bluetooth transfer to and from the Now app.or with non-Palm based phones.
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    What would be good for me would be to be tooling around in my contact app (say UTD) on my Mac and then clicking on a phone number on my Mac - and that DIALING my 650 via Bluetooth and me communicating on a bluetooth headset...

    Is this cyber vision possible Treo comrades?
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