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    I'm currently using a Nokia 6820, which has suited my needs for a while, but I knew from the beginning that I would eventually end up with a Treo. I don't want a windows device of any kind, and I want a PDA. PalmOS is the de facto standard for PDAs, so here I am.

    I can pick up a "good as new" Treo 600 on eBay for $250 these days. Or I can get a Treo 650 from Cingular for $550. So, what is this extra $300 buying me? Twice the screen resolution? Non-volatile RAM? Bluetooth?

    The screen resolution, well, I'd have to use a 650 in person to see if it matters. I've used a 600 and the resolution for web browsing, etc. is more than adequate compared to my 6820.

    NV RAM I'm not sure affects me either. I'd backup my Treo nightly, so if I lost power and my data was erased, well... I'd restore it from my backup.

    Bluetooth? Well, it's damn hack to get it working for DUN or data access now anyways, and that doesn't seem like it's going to change. Besides, I could still use the USB cable to do that with that third-party DUN software. Also, I can keep my 6820 with me if I think I'll need data access. I can use Bluetooth tethering with that device to use MEdia Net on my powerbook already.

    So, what else is there? What would be something that would actually make it worth the extra $300? Or what is wrong with the 600 that would make me want to spend the $300 to avoid using it?

    You guys have been in the trenches with these devices longer than I, so I'd appreciate any wisdom you can offer.
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    I'm a new buyer too....but I'm using a Zire71 currently and a Palm V before...the difference between 160x160 and 320x320 is huge..smooth font, better to read, not just for web browsing as I don't have internet on my PalmV and Zire 71 anyway...but some applications utilize for the high resolution and give more 'room' to organize their layout.

    I think it's least, I may feel regret if I buy a 600..where has no removable battery too...the new 650's memory is great in term of not-maintained by battery..where I accidentally drain out my palm's power few times before..and lose all contacts....although the new memory consumes more spaces and slower...I guess many of them can be fixed by well as getting a larger capacity of SD isn't expensive anyway.

    just my 2 cents.

    BTW, if one day I don't like 650 and want to get a new one, the resale value of it may not be too low I guess.
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    I use a BT headset when at home or at the clinic, and I have an integrated BT car kit. I don't really have a need for a tethered laptop for DUN so it doesn't apply that much to me. All I really need like email/web browsing is done well enough with the 650/600.

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    You have summed it up well.

    My views:

    An extra $300 buys you:

    -Much nicer screen, and more usable. Really, you need to look at it and compare it to the 600. This is a big advantage. And all those hi-res apps...

    - Bluetooth is worth something if you use it. To me, wireless sync and headset is important.

    - The other huge advantage is the removable battery. I cannot stress this enough, b/c my 600 couldn't last a day of normal use.

    -Keyboard is better; easier on the fingers...worth something.

    So that's it...if you think it's worth it, go for it. Otherwise, stick with 600.
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    The high rez screen is huge imo. You have to see it in person to appreciate it b/c it makes soo many functions on the Treo that much better. Then there is the faster proc, better digicam (better light balance), updated thumbboard, NVFS (which may be a +/- depending on your opinion), GSM Edge support, better software bundle (DTG7, versamail. Real etc), and future possible SDIO support. Overall it's a more refined version of the 600. The advantage of the 600 is that it's cheaper and all the bugs in it have already been workded out making it alot more stable and defined device...
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    I guess I just have to wait until the Cingular store finally gets some Treo 650s in stock. Either that or I could stop by the Sprint PCS store and see if they have one I can manhandle for a few minutes to see if I like it.

    I take it the 600 doesn't have EDGE? That's a slight dealbreaker.

    Does the 600 not support SDIO? I thought it did... Does the wifi hack only work on the 650?

    Primarily I'm interested in stability. I could get a Treo 650 now, and maybe in 6 months when the 650's been broken in by you guys I'd pick one of those up and sacrifice the 600 on eBay.
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    The 600 does not have EDGE.

    The 600 does support SDIO, but not a lot of the cool stuff you might want like WiFi (650 doesn't do WiFi, either). The hack definitely doesn't work on the 600.

    You can get a 650 for $400 through Cingular if you push the right buttons. My Business rep did that for me. It is the default price (or so I understand) for new customers or new contracts. Finding the right rep to do it may be tricky, though.

    EDGE is great! The screen is fantastic. My 650 works great, but there seems to be a lot of bad experiences happening with others.

    After using a 600 for nearly a year with no problems, my transition to the 650 was a little anticlimatic. Maybe I had built it up to be more, but given the choice, it's still a better designed and implemented tool than the 600 - if you don't get a problem unit.

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    I guess my last question is whether or not there is a security lock for the Treos. With my cell phone I can lock it so that in order to do anything you need a code. When it starts up it asks for a code, first for the SIM card, then for the phone itself. Is this possible with the Treo 600 and 650?

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