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    Have anyone try to remove the Sprint logo for the Treo 650?
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    You mean the welcome and goodbye screens?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cafesimon
    Have anyone try to remove the Sprint logo for the Treo 650?
    There's also a big thread on this topic here:
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    No, what I mean is the logo on the top left of the screen. Before I used to own a Nokia 6185, I was able to change the logo sprint to my name. I have search everywhere for the direction to remove this annoying logo, but so far no luck.
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    I think you are refering to the Banner? While there may be an easier way, one method is outlined in the document "Activating a Treo 650 on Verizon" follow that link and scrol to step 10, then the 5th or 6th screen shot where it talks about changing the Banner. Granted this is alot of work to only change the Banner
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    Jstuart- Nice. I was just about to ask a question like this. Exactly what I needed. Anyone done this?

    I was thinking more along the lines of editing the "Connecting to Vision" boxes and stuff...
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    Jstuart, thank you for that wonderful website, however, after looking at the process, and I must agree with you that it is alot of work to change the Sprint banner. Jstuart, do you know if there is an easier way, because this process look too complicated. Thanks
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    If you take a favorite photo with 650, you can put name on the photo with a simple photo edit directly with the treo including text color and lines.
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    FastFrank, are we on the same issue here, because I have no ideas what you are talking about. Please elaborate.

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