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    Once att customers are forced to sign up for service with cingular your att phone will be incompatible with cingular's sim cards. The Cingular and ATT phones are the exact same price check your 650 box; ATT phones say AT1 on the side and Cingulars end in CIN, or something like that. I am just warning people so they won't be pissed when they're $550 phone doesn't work because it is locked to ATT sim cards and your cingular card will not work in it.
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    Or Cingular will be forced to unlock the AT&T phone. I don't think Cingular would want the lawsuits from people who's phones were useless shortly after purchasing the phones.

    I don't know much about SIMs, but maybe they can send a new SIM that would work on the Cingular network with these phones.
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    I hope that is true, but in my experiance cell phone companies do what ever generates the most revenue. It also already states on ATT old website, now taken over by cingular of course, that to sign up for cingular service if you were an att customer you will be required to purchase a new phone.

    Check out question number 2

    This is only if you want to switch to a cingular rate plan if you stick with your current service you do not have to purchase a new phone.
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    My B2B Rep stated that the 64k SIM which she sent with my 650 will allow me to use both AT&T and Cingular Branded/Locked phones as well as better acces to both networks. I'm not sure how true this is. I have not yet transferred from my current 32k SIM to the 64k SIM.

    Can anyone here with a 64k Cingular SIM try this on AT&T Locked phones and see if it does work?
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