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    please help,
    im trying uninstall manager , my understanding is all programs installed after, if you delete them it makes sure that everything is taken do i check to see if the are any remnants of programs i have tried and already deleted?
    im trying to clean up my treo

    thanks in advance for you responses and helping a new person
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    I assume you mean you want to see what remnants of programs may exist on your phone before you installed Uninstall Manager right? Use a file manager app like filez and check out what's on your may be able to decipher some of the miscellaneous stuff that's there, but don't delete unless you're sure it came from a program that you deleted

    You can also check out Cleanup, by Northglide, that can help with this process for those apps that were installed prior to installing Uninstall manager.

    Last option is to hard reset, install uninstall manager, and load your apps one by one so Uninstall manager can track em.
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    Yeah, Uninstall manager only tracks the installations of apps which you install after installing the manager. For apps installed prior to the manager, you have to use Northglide's Cleanup app. You can get both in the Netfreak combo fyi...
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    thanks for the info guys
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    I tried Uninstall Manager but was getting Treo 650 resets after I was done with Sandbox mode on some other software I trialed.

    Was it just me?


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