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    AvantGo 3.3 causes a fatal exception if I have Padlock Plus enabled.

    Are there any alternatives to Padlock Plus? I like the ability to lock automatically after a period of time and that I can use the hardware buttons instead of grafitti to enter the password.

    Any suggestions?
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    I use Only Me. It doesn't offer the 'turn on after so much time' options. It just locks the Visor when you turn it off, with the option to also Hide private records. And it uses the hardware buttons to unlock.

    Ryan Clayton
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    Ummm. I use AvantGo v3.3 and PadLock Plus, and I haven't noticed a problem. Under what conditions have you encountered the problem?
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    I use CommanderLite for this timed locking function. Have been using it with AvantGo (now at 3.3) for months, with no problems.

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    Whenever I hotsync, I get that message if I have Padlock Plus enabled.

    I supposed it could be the combination of AvantGo 3.3, Padlock Plus, and Workpad Sync (since I sync via IR).

    But, it does happen everytime (during the memopad part of the sync).

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