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    I need it to set up a bt/IR/usb fax modem on my notebook (winXP) 4 send/receiving fax. Thx in adv.
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    i cannot find the fax service of Treo650 and it will reset when i try to use fast fax connecting in the bluetooth manager of my notebook.
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    Hmmm... I'm not sure the 650 supports fax sending. I recall the 600 didn't (it wasn't a Class II device), and assume the 650 won't either. There are several work arounds like using web based faxing services like that let you send faxes via email. There's ton's of discussion on this, do a search for more info...
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    bad news! i just can't understand why it doesn't support it which is the basic function of a mobile phone.

    anyway, thx a lot 4 ur kind reply~
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    unfortunately, the Treo was not designed to be a mobile faxing solution, and therefore faxing is not supported directly on the Treo. However, some users have had limited success employing third-party Palm OS faxing software such as Mark/Space Fax for Palm OS or InStep Fax for Palm OS

    Since the Treo was not designed to send or receive faxes, however, you must use these third-party solutions at your own risk, and we cannot guarantee that they will work. Contact the third-party software developers for the latest compatibility, product feature, and support information.

    palmOne is unable to provide technical support for third-party applications. We mention the software for informational purposes only.

    Please also note that palmOne does not warrant that the Treo communicator is capable of faxing, and hence does not provide product support for this function.

    Faxing and your wireless service plan

    GSM phone networks have separate circuits for voice, data and fax calls. The ability to dial fax numbers is usually related to the ability to dial data calls; in other words, if you subscribe to a data calling service you can usually dial fax numbers too. Contact your wireless service provider for more information.

    We hope this issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.A Customer Satisfaction Survey will be emailed to you very shortly.Please take time to provide us with your feedback about this support experience as it will help us in our on-going effort to continually improve our services.
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    then i still have to use my t39 mobile phone when i wanna send/receive fax from my notebook via bluetooth/IR/cable. and i still can't undetstand why treo doesn't support such a basic function of serial communication even for a cheap one.
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