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    Is there some hack or utility that will hide my private records after a period of time. I can't rely on myself to do this manually.
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    There is Safe Hack, which will ...
    ... hide all private records automatically after the Pilot turns off or sleeps. So you needn't to worry about forgetting hiding your personal data.
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    PadLock Plus (another Hack) does this as well. What makes it nice is that you can assign the access passwords characters to your direction and app keys. There are also several settings for determining when your Visor locks and what happens when it is locked (i.e. like hiding records marked private). If you assign your characters of your password to the buttons, this obviously isn't going to keep out the determined info thief; but that is not what this hack is really for. IMO, this hack is just to keep the overly curious out of your Visor.

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