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    Hm..I can't seem to add a photo to the contacts in my 650 if the jpg files are on the memory card.. Anyone know a way around that..?
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    All my photos are on my card. What are you using for your Contacts?

    Are the pics located in the \DCIM directory? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Insertion - thanks!!

    I am using Palm's standard Contacts program and I had my jpegs in palm/programs/splashphoto. When I copied some over to the DCIM directory Contacts could see them and it all worked

    Thanks again!

    (Now I'll see if I can move all the jpegs from the splashphoto directory to the DCIM directory and splashphoto still being able to find them).
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    Insertion, this helped me, had the same problem -- thanks!

    Just curious, what does "DCIM" stand for?
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    DCIM Digital Camera Images
    DCIM Discrete Complex Image Method
    DCIM Display Control Interface Module

    At least according to this site I read about here.

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