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    So i got the stereo adapter. and i use it greatly for the past 2 days. and i decide, eh ima take it out to make a call. after i take it out, i notice that my earpiece and speakerphone is dead. i wiggled it around in hopes to loosen up the socket switch that tells the phone wether a headset is plugged in or not, and it worked for about 10 seconds and then it reverted back. I'm willing to void my warranty for two reasons
    (1) i don't want to send it back. its not the waiting time its only 3 days, i just dont want to deal with the INDIA based Treo Tech Support. (2) My warranty is probably void already anyways.

    i can still use the phone while on my headphones but it looks extremely awkward as it looks like the old fashion two piece phone. I'm wearing headphones and talking into what seemingly might be an mp3 player from a long distance. its not too appealing to the ladies.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Oh and i know the speakerphone isn't blown because i plug in a regular headset, the non stereo type, and the speakerphone comes on when navigating through menus and such. Its just it turned retarted on me for some reason.
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    Same happened to me tonight. I was listening to music, finished and took out the ear piece. The phone then rang for almost half a second and became silent. When I answered I couldn't hear a thing. From there on I can hear almost a half second sound after I leave the phone. The sound would be there and then gone. With the earphones in, no problem. When listening via the earphones and pulling them out whilst listening same thing, a brief sound, gone and sometimes an even shorter sound burst.

    Very weird problem.
    Anyone out there please help.
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    happened to me. had to have sprint replace my phone.
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    the only solution to the problem lies on the hardware itself. i read somewhere else that the "switch" that tells the phone wether the headset is in or not is malfunctioning. You can "temporarily" fix it by blowing into the thing, shorting out circuits using your hot moist breath. but it is very temporary and a high risk for voiding your warranty. voiding my warranty isnt the problem. its the temporary part that scares me.

    I'm sure somebody knows of a solution. Don't be shy.
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    i think i found a longer lasting temporary solution. today i got a sewing needle
    and kinda fit it in there. its holding and the sound seems to be back on. Its that interal switch that i have to mess with. i'm holding the pin in there for a week to see if it holds up after i take it out. but i have a sewing needle sticking out of my headphone slot. how safe...
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    can anybo9dy please help this is critical.

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