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    I had the Treo 600 for a few weeks last April and now have the 650.... From what I remember, the older hotsync software had a couple of features this one doesn't..

    I remember being able to do a quick sync to just install software, or copy some files without syncing everything. Also something like "action on next sync" where you could set a one time thing just for the next sync.

    Is this available somehow in the new hotsync software?
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    No, I don't recall being able to do that with the 600. There is at least one aftermarket software product on the market that will do an install without a full hotsync, hoever. I don't remember the name, but do some searches on PalmGear or Handango and you should find it.
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    I'm positive I had this functionality when I had my Sprint 600. That was my first Palm device ever, so it was included in one of the pieces of software that came with the unit.

    Someone please assure me I'm not insane..
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    Ok I'm not nuts, but it was Chapura i was thinking of...

    In the dropdown box on the bottom, there was an option just to install files w/o doing anything else.

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