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    Still working on my e-mail issue with Versamail. When I try to "get" mail from the treo while Outlook is open, it never comes back with anything. I noticed today, that when I had closed Outlook on my computer at home the treo actually "got" some mail. Does this seem right? Will I have to make sure I close Outlook whenever I leave the house to receive mail on the treo. This will suck if that's what I have to do because I always leave Outlook open. Please give any advice if you have any. Thank you.
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    Your problem sounds like you have Outlook configured to retrieve your mail and:

    1. Have set it to delete messages on the server once in Outlook
    2. Have your Exchange mail being delivered to a local folder (not your mail box) which will also remove it from the server (well from where you can access it).

    This is a common configuration problem that once you find out what happened it should just be setting the right check box in Outlook.

    BEWARE: Outlook Express, by default, will delete mail from a POP mail server automatically once it is downloaded. Not for IMAP though....

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