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    I posted this in the bt section, but perhaps it should've been posted here in accessories. Anyway, I really hope someone can help differentiate the options for a newbie. I've started a new job, got the gps and need some sort of mount/setup. Please advise:

    I've been researching for endless days and would like some advice/help. I have the t650 and just bought the TomTom BT Navigator 2004.

    1) Can someone explain what the rave is about BT car kits?? I have a company car and it's very loud inside, so talking by speakerphone doesn't sound too appealing.
    2) Do most people have either a bt car kit or a bt headset? Not both? What would make someone buy one instead of the other.
    3) Now that I bought the bt gps I need a mount. There's the $25 version and then there's the fancy $100+ versions. Other than charging the cradle and speakerphone on the fancy cradles, why do people get these fancy gps mounts? Again, I'm hesitant to buy a speakerphone mount cause car is loud inside.
    4) I'm in outside sales and live in my car all-day long. I'm looking for a good set up for a salesman who lives in the car. I thought bt headset + voicedial was the best setup, but now I'm confused.

    I just started a new outside sales job last week with a new territory and need to start using t650 gps ASAP. I'm looking forward to hearing your input! Thanks!
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    I have very similar requirements. I have a 650 and the TomTom on order (arriving tomorrow) and I'd like to be able to mount the phone and power both the phone and tom tom.

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