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    For some reason verichat keeps blocking Snappermail autosync for mail. It needs to be fixed.

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    Works fine here...

    Maybe it's something else...VC & SM work fine together.
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    I've been using both these apps 4ever and don't have any problems.
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  4. #4 issues with me either...good luck buddy
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    Been using VeriChat and SnapperMail together since I got my 650 in November and I've never encountered the problem you're reporting.
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    The two coexist fine on my 650 as well as they did on my dusty old 600.

    Strange how differnet Apps behave on different peoples' devices. My current problem children are Personal Audio Recorder Pro and FileMaker Mobile 7 not working.

    The joys of owning a smartphone...
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    still have a 600, but I do have a small problem with these two apps.

    if verichat pops up (i get an im), and it is still on top when SM does an autofetch: crash.

    this is also the case with PT console being up when an autofetch is supposed to happen.
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    Fine here too.

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