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    It comes in handy when you use calling cards. After I dial the calling card number, I enter my pin number and the number I want to call. For some reason I feel blind when entering those last two numbers. My wife doesn't like that at all and now that I don't have my LG cellphone we are looking for a way to display those numbers.

    Any ideeas?


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    Are ther any future plans for having this functionality on the Treo 650? Maybe some hack or somthing?

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    This is yet another problem I never even thought of a phone having. I made up a list of options I wanted on my next phone, and didn't even think that the simple "features" that all other phones have (numbers displayed when in a call, responding imidiatly to every button press, and good sound quality) would make my old Samsung I-330 seem way ahead of it's time.
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    treolo all you have to do is before you make your call press the green phone button the select dial pad and voila....
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