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    I have just purchased a new 650 and I am now looking for a car kit for it. I like the looks of the thb trend talk which is made for the 600. Does anyone have one and tried the 650 in it? I have heard it is compatiable and that it is not. It has an antanne connector which is why I like it the best. I dont want blue tooth because I still need an antenna. Any help is appreciated.
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    Get the Sony Ericsson HBH-300. It works fabulously with the 650.
  3. #3]Lots of intereting car kits beginning with post #1[/URL]

    TellPhone 4000 Blue will soon support Treo 650.

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    Unfortunately ,the THB cradle will not fit. The antenna connector is different among other things. At present, there is no antenna adaptor available, but Wilson Electronics will have one soon. I went with the Seidio G2100M. You cannot use the Seidio car kit with the built in speaker if you want to use and antenna. Unfortunately, the speaker blocks off the antenna port.
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    The THB kit (the one sold by palmOne for the 600) is not compatible yet. They will need to make a specific cradle for the 650 and are not going to do so unless palmOne states that they intend to support it. It does not look good.

    OTOH, that TellPhone BT kit looks awesome! A true professional design with an easily integratable harness for the car's stereo. I hope they support the 650 soon. I will be watching this one closely.

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