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    Okay so I am going from a Sprint/Treo/Goodlink world to T-mobile/Blackberry (changing jobs). I want to buy an unlocked Treo 650 and get the best push email and synch with Outlook for events.

    What are my best options? Is this realistic? Am I screwed if I'm hooked on my Treo and push email/Outlook synch?
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Yes I'm well aware of Goodlink. I've been using it since getting my Treo 600 in November 2003.

    I am switching jobs to a company that only supports Blackberry, and only supports T-mobile.

    So what are my options?
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    I just came of a "Crackberry" with the Treo last Friday. Today was my first day using Chatter instead of the Blackberry. There are some things I miss about the Blackberry (like it knows to put a period when you hit the space bar twice), and the ease of use of the dial, but as for email functionality Chatter is just as good. My only concern is battery life, as I have been using it since 8:00am (its almost 6:00pm - I have Chatter automaticall turn on at 8 and shut down at 6) and I am down to 57%. The Blackberry went 3 days without having to recharge, but then again the Treo does so much more...

    Check Chatter out.
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    Explain what that means please? How do I know if it will work on my new company's system? They use t-mobile/blackberry.

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