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    Sorry if this has been addressed already. Do you have to include the area code with the phone numbers in the contact list for the persons name to be displayed on the call log and when a call come in?

    If you do, are there any apps that would allow me to add the area code to a group of contacts?

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    i belive so. anyhow, how do you call ppl without the area code?
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    Felipe, some cities and areas still aren't using the full ten-digit numbers with area code.

    catch228, I believe that the phone system still feeds the full ten-digits to your phone with the incoming calls, even if that's not what you would use to dial them. I don't have any hard evidence on this. But that would stand to reason. I'd think for your internal phone book to "recognize" a caller, it would have to match the incoing entry with your phonebook entry spot on. So, yes, I think you have to have the full number in your system.

    Don't have my treo yet, so I can't think of any other way to edit your phonebook entries rather than manually. Maybe easier to do it on your desktop and then sync the changes over?
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    WhoIsTheFly, you are correct. We don't need to use the whole number when dialing in Hawaii. Only for calls to out of state numbers. I was thinking I would need to have the area code in there but wanted to make sure before I changed all of my contact list entries.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Just to verify...
    YES! you do need the are code for the caller ID to recognize your contacts.
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    Actually, you don't have to have the area code entered for the caller ID to work. I found out that the reason that my caller ID was not working was Ringo Pro. Version 4.26 had a problem with the caller ID on the Treo 650. I upgraded to version 4.30 and the caller ID works again, with AND without the area code.

    Thanks for all of the suggestions and help.

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