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    At present i have this bluetooth dongle:

    Now i havent installed my bluetooth dongle since i went to service pack 2, so i really dont know what kind of problems i am going to face. But anyways, i am thinking of getting a new bluetooth dongle. It has come down to these choices:


    I am unable to find out which is better. Furthermore if both of these are crap, which one should i get then (ie list one i should get)

    thanks guys
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    I'm looking for a BT dongle too! Does anyone have a particular one they recommend? Also, should you get one that supports BT ver 1.2 or or just 1.1? I know the 650 only supports 1.1, but would it be a good idea to get one that supports the updated version for future use?
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    For BT 1.2 I use IOGear Bluetooth USB adapter. That is correct, the T650 is 1.1 compliant. BT 1.2 has improvements including minimizing interference and Stereo support.
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    My 3com: 1.1 compliant
    Belkin: 1.1
    D-Link 1.1


    the iogear on here in futureshop is 1.1 (

    1.2 adapters

    this is only one i found:

    anyways i wonder should a person spend on a 1.2 adpater now? albeit it very cheap from expansys
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    I've been using an Actiontec BTM200B. I picked it up real cheap, so I was prepared for the worst, but surprisingly it has been 100% problem free, and I run it on WinXP SP2. It is only BT 1.1 compliant. I wouldn't take a Belkin ANYTHING, even if they paid me.
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    D-Link for the wife's Mac - works great. Kensington dongle from Best Buy which works fine with my laptop running Window XP with Service Pack 2.

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