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    I used to enter/track my mileage through the TEMPLATE Feature on the calendar on my T600. I don't miss the 600, just this feature, and the todo feature too

    anyway worked like this for me:
    1. new-template- enter last 3 digits of my milage start and end couple spaces then the total mileage.
    2. sync to desktop through outlook and it enters my desktop calendar
    3. Mileage report generate by searching calendar for MILEAGE add it up and print it. Mileage done quarterly in less than an hour and VERY neatly I might ad!
    4. Get new treo - more TEMPLATE but boy is the screen gorgeous!

    anyway, anyone else have a way to track and report mileage w/ a Treo650 - desktop setup?
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    I researched mileage programs a couple of years ago. I just needed a mileage tracker for tax returns. At that time, I found that Quickmile was the best. It has a desktop part for syncing.
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    I just put "**" In front of every mileage works the same as MILEAGE did...but now I just have to enter the ###,### evertyime
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    I have a 600 and would like to use the mileage tracker system you used but I can't find the template in the calendar program. Is this in Outlook desktop or on the Treo?

    Thanks for your help.

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    It's on the Treo

    gointo your calendar


    you can also edit templates

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