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    Hi, I've been searching, and haven't found it if this has been discussed, my apologies...

    I just got my 650, (yay!) gave my wife my clie nx70v, and am getting the 650 ready to roll. I am having trouble sending messages with gmail. it says:

    530 5.7.0
    must issue a STAR TTLS command first

    And on another POP account I have I get
    530 5.7.1
    Relaying denied.Proper authentication required.

    so I tried putting in for the outgoing mail server and that didn't work either.

    any idea of what to do here? does this have to do with the sprint proxy? i didn't try that shadowmite sprint proxy workaround yet.

    I'm still figuring out the best way to work with email and web on this thing. I can dig the web program or use avantgo to surf the web and save bookmarks. And if I can get by with Versamail I will, but what are the advantages of using one of those other mail programs you pay extra for?

    thanks for any help,
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    Sweet, this one helped:

    I can now send with gmail, too.
    Hey, to use Yahoo, you have to pay for POP right?

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