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    I've just upgraded from the T600 to a GSM T650. Is it just me, or has Pa1mOne defunctionalized the 5-way when working with Calendar? Specifically, with the T600 I could scroll to a calendar entry and press the center button to select it, then Details would highlight and I could center-click to go to the details page. Now on my T650 I have to do a screen tap on Details to get to that page. Additionally, Details has been modified by removing the convenient next/prior arrows found on the T600 to move an appointment one or more days back or forward. Also, the Done flag on appointments appears to now be gone. This is progress??
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    OK, so I've done a bit of experimenting, and have figured out at least some of the new functionality of the 5-way.

    In Calendar, on Day view, the 'default' has blue highlight bars at the top and bottom of the appointment list. If you use the left/right 5-way buttons, you move back/ahead one day. If you hit the center button, the highlight bars go away and the cursor appears on one line in your appointment calendar. With the cursor visible, the 5-way top/bottom/left/right move the cursor around. However, if the cursor is positioned at the right end of an entry, and then you click the right arrow on the 5-way, you get the highlight on the time of the event, and the highlight around Details (similar to the functionality of the T600). Now you can center-click and get to the screen to change appointment date/time/alarm.

    Hope this helps someone else with their T650.

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