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    Not necessarily the security of your email, it is the open inbound connection through your firewall with Intellisync that I was referring to. For a small outfit, I think the biggest concern would be the IT resources required for Intellisync. Also, the increased bandwidth usage will affect the phone service since an open data connection sends voice calls to voicemail.

    As a side note, a two-year subscription would work out to $19.32 per user per month. I guess you have to decide if $20 per month is worth it. I will be the first to admit that GL may not be the solution for everybody, but I firmaly believe that it is for 99% of the folks that need real-time, secure access to Exchange.

    We do offer discounts for non-profits, by the way.
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    My Exchange Server is behind a firewall, without POP or IMAP access, without ActiveSync enabled. My IT department will certainly not help me with any solution; I must rely on desktop redirection. I can't forward either because I need to share my calendar and contacts. I think Sprint's Business Connection is my best option since it is push. Seven and Cingular's Xpressmail are free, but put a tagline at the bottom. Has anyone tried T-Mobile's corporate product?
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    What is the best software for syncing with Exchange Server 2002 5.5/ My IT department does not have Exchange Activesync up and running so I cannot sync with Versamail. I can VPN using Morvian VPN but cannot sync my email. Will any of the discussed applications work to download my email to this phone.

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    I have been trying PylonAnywhere for exchange 2003 the past 2 days. No problems and syncs wirelessly very well. Anyone else tried or have any feedback?
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    bokaplan, you should give our application a chance. Its called NexChange and it install on your palm device and connects directly to your exchange server not requiring any middleware.
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