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    I read a post saying this was not the correct plan for the 650 and you would still get charged .01/kb. Can anyone else confirm that this is correct ? If this is the case I'll probably wait till my Cingular contract expires and sign up with Sprint.
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    The official answer from Cingular is that MEdia Works is not for PDA phones, like the Treo 650. The reality is that many users switch SIM cards and use MEdia Works with the T650.

    The trouble with MEdia works is that it is going through the Atkins diet, and will be limited to 3MB of web access. No one from Cingular has a straight answer whether this is only for new users, or if they will pull the rug under current users as well.
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    It is the right plan, and if you order from you can add MediaWorks package as a feature to your voice plan. As of Feb 14 this may change according to this internal memo from Cingular. I've ordered two 650s in the last few days from and got the unlimited MediaWorks package with both of them.

    However, I haven't gotten my first bill yet..
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    When you get down to the media portion of the clipped memo, they stop mentioning specifically whether or not existing customers who choose not to adopt the new plans will be "grandfathered". It's easy to assume we will, but I'd sure have felt better seeing it in writing. I guess if they ink it, they can't ever go back and tell us we can't have it for fear of being sued. Glad I have Media Works!
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    I live in New York City and I am unable to get the Mediaworks "unlimited Internet" package for $19.99!

    1. At the Cingular store, the sales rep says that plan was only available for the Treo 600. With the Treo 650, I have to pay $39.99 for "unlimited Internet".
    2. At PalmOne, the sales rep told me that the $19.99 Mediaworks "unlimited Internet" package advertised on their website is a mistake and it should be $39.99 "because cingular just recently changed their pricing for Mediaworks on the 650". Other posts in this forum indicate that Cingular is coming out with new pricing on their data plans in the next few days.
    3. When you go to the Cingular website, Mediaworks for $19.99 is still available with "unlimited Internet" for coverage areas outside of NYC. But as soon as you specify a zipcode in NYC, then Mediaworks $19.99 only lists "3MB" (not unlimited) for Internet!

    Seems like we are getting ripped off in the New York city area.
    What do I have to do to get MediaWorks $19.99 (unlimited Internet) in NYC before they replace that plan next week?
    Do I need a billing zipcode outside of NYC to take advantage of Mediaworks (unlimited Internet)? I hope I don't have to do that.
    Any advice?

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    Have had it for months, works great, no extra charges. Just bought 2nd phone and added it. No extra fees or charges.

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