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    i just got a treo 650 with Sprint service and i don't see this option. i remember having this option on the treo 600 which allowed you to block your caller ID for outgoing calls.

    thanks for any assistance and i hope i'm missing something and it's still possible.
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    have you tried *67 prior to the number?
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    It's on the Call Preferences screen for my on my GSM 650...
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    I can't find it on my Sprint 650, either. Thanks a lot, Sprint!

    If there are specific numbers you don't want to send the caller-id to, you can preface those entries in your address book with *67. Of course, that will screw up the caller-id when they call you, unless you put the number in twice (once with *67, and once without).

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    Sprint can do this for you by calling CS. Then, you will need to dial *82 when you want to unblock. Just like with landline service.
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    thanks all for the reply, the *67 works. i only need it for calls to businesses whom i do not want to provide my mobile number to, so dialing it on occasion is actually easier than having to change the preferences for each instance.

    thanks again
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    Firmware: 1.05
    Current Software: Treo650-1.04-CNB
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    or check out:

    CovertCall - caller id spoofing at long distance rates

    you can have it say any number you want, not only block it
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    On the GSM 650, is there an app that can block/unblock your outgoing caller ID easily? Now its going to the Phone App, Options, Call Preferences and check/uncheck the Block outgoing ID box. I was hoping that an app out there would create an icon that you would hit and it would block, hit it again and it would unblock, for example, for professionals who use their phone for personal and business use and dont want their number going out on business calls.

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