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    You can now upgrade to Avantgo 3.3 which includes cool new feautures such as SSL support, faster syncing, new buttons etc. The upgrade went smooth for me, no problems at all. Another advantage is that you dont need to go to the Avantgo site to re-register. cool! The upgrade can be downloaded from

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    If you have ePocrates on your Visor, DO NOT install AvantGo 3.3. They are not compatible. ePocrates will work but AvantGo won't.
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    Thanks for the info, Taki.
    By the way, what is ePocrates?

    MJ- "The Visor ROX"
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    its a db of a bunch of druggs that are often prescribed, contains the name, use and some other info. It uses libmal like advant go and so that is probably the reason they wont work together...
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