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    I keep getting the following error message each time I try and sync up:
    Calendar synchronization failed
    “Calendar” failed (error = #16397)

    Any and all help would be very helpful.

    (FYI - I have already checked and none of the calendar events have any charaters in them. I also have not added any new software.)
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    I had the same problem... I had a blackjack program (the free one from Handango) that was causing part of the problem. Another thing to look for is anything that is run using "AppForge". I deleted both of them and reinstalled the Palm Desktop (for an unrelated issue) and between the two it works great now.
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    I'm not using "AppForge". I went ahead and deleted my palm software off my MAC, and reinstalled it. I ran into the same stinking error message. So there must be a strange entry in the calendar on my TREO that is causing the conflict.
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    I ended up doing two (1 didn't make a difference) soft resets. Now everything is back to normal.
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