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    I am interested in finding a downloadable copy of the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. Does anyone know of a good scource to find one?
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    Qvadis-MemoWare Doc Library has the 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - The Lost Chapters' (chapters 40-63).

    It can be downloaded from the Qvadis-MemoWare Doc Library.

    I have never seen the real version of the Hitchhiker's Guide in DOC format. And would be interested in obtaining a copy myself.

    There is a web based version at Vogon Heavy Industries, but this one is web based and will not run on the PDA.

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    Here's what I did (since this HHG is still under copyright)

    Just surf around, do a search or two for the guide, and you'll probably find it (along with all the Adams books from that series) in .txt format. From there, it's pretty simple to convert it to a .doc file for your Visor and *ta-da* your very own electronic HHG text!

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    I heard it's at

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