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    Hmmmm. Interesting theory. But I agree, they will grandfather existing plans.
    Quote Originally Posted by r0guenj
    the only thing here is that they won't be violating their customer contracts.

    the only thing you sign up for is a voice plan under contract, everything else is considered an add-on (insurance/mms/text/data) even though they may have requirements for selling the plans (such as pda phones can only be sold with a pda data plan).

    so while they could change the structure of the add-ons, the best thing from a business standpoint is to grandfather existing users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    Wow, that would totally suck.

    Maybe I should start a contract with a crap free phone just to hold the MEdia Works at $19.99 unlimited data for a week?
    That's exactly why I got the Moto v551 from Cingular store with MEdia Works. Now I'm debating whether to buy an SX66 to replace my PPC6601 from Sprint. Trouble is the SX66 is not EDGE capable, and I don't want the Treo 650, especially after trying the PPC phones.
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    I am currently on the North America Plan and have unlimited media works. In a few months, I won't need the north america plan and will be switching back to the Nationwide plan. Does this mean I will lose my unlimited media works?

    Also, does anyone know if I will be blled for data in Canada if I have the North America plan and media works?

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