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    Does anyone know where I can D/L some welcome screens for the 650. the Treo wallpaper is very crappy. Also any sites with ringtones...Thanks a ton.
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Thanks so much.
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    TreoBits has a huge collection of downloadable MIDI ringtones.
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    Take some photos with your Treo camera and create your own. The wife, the pet, or possibly the girl friend?

    You can also type text and draw on the photos within the Treo 650.
    It took me awhile to discover this.

    Be sure to save changed photo as a new photo when editing so you don't destroy your original.
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    Thanks again
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    hey bongmaster - so you couldnt resist? how's the phone?
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    >>so you couldnt resist?<< ??


    Like I mentioned to you in my earlier posts..I was waiting for the official release and as soon as it was out I got myself one. Just got a second one today for a girlfriend and the price seems $400 HK lower for some reason..Strange that the price is lower 3 days after launch if the phone is flying off the shelves eh??

    The phone is ok and seems to have a fair share of problems that I have not experienced on the 600. The 911 icon, flimsy battery cover, memory issues, favourites button...
    On the brighter side there are a few improvements so it compensates. However I would gladly switch to Pocket PC if the upcoming OS supports one handed operation.

    You guys in BKK should be getting it pretty soon.

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