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    It is almost useless as I get this buzz sound on the call. I just got it and did not want to send it back to Palm.

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    dude, return it. After about 7 replacements the buzz issue always come back. They must have no clue on how to fix it. Their should be a damn lawsuit because hundreds if not thousands of people have complained of this. Im just curious to see if 650 users experiance it.
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    I notice mine buzzes when the screen is on. I guess this is a common problem and covered under warranty? It just started doing this today and this thread was right at the top. Maybe we can share our buzzing experiences?
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    Theres a fix out there and I'm going to try it today. Cingular is making it way too tough to return it. FU Cingular!
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    The buzz is due generally to a cable that was changed out by the phone manufacturer that was not the one Handspring originally specified. The correct correct cable, I think is a white, a solid band next to the battery holder when the phone is disasembled. The wires are coated with gold to shield interference. The incorrect one I believe is black and each wire is indiviudally wrapped, but connected together at both ends. I think there are 4 or 5 wires in the grouping. The back must be removed to see these cables.

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