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    I have a GSM Treo650 and regularly travel to Japan and Korea which are not GSM countries. Since I cannot connect to the internet via the internal GPRS/EDGE connection, is there a hack or profile available for the Treo650 that allows me to connect to the internet via Bluetooth? I have Bluetooth phones for both countries and also our offices have Bluetooth access points. This profile is available on ipaqs and other pocketpc devices, not sure if there is a hack or program available for the Treo650 or not.

    Thanks for any assistance
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    So in my continuing search someone pointed me to this link:

    Will any of the BT drivers from other Palm models work with my Treo650? This would be a great way to acomplish what I want. Thanks.
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    Refer to this thread titles "Reverse DUN works."

    Many people have successfully connect via BT to access the internet connection of their computer...
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    I'm curious about the LAN access points myself. I'm about ready to order one as I can't find one in a local store just to try it out. I use Revers DUN on my PC to access the internet over bluetooth, so this tells me the Treo's bluetooth can in fact do "LAN over bluetooth." However, don't know if the bluetooth lan access points are more complicated and require the device to support it.

    Anyone ever try it? The PalmOne web site says it DOES NOT work with LAN access points, but is this just one of those things they don't officially support that happens to work, or does it really not work with LAN access points.

    It would be nice to stick one of these things at home and work so I don't have to go through my PC.
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