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    Anyone know of a check register program that you can use on the handspring to record transactions only (checks and deposits) and then upload them to quickbooks.
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    The short answer is no.

    The longer answer is that I use a small program called MyCheckbook, Version 5.0.0 available from PalmGear. It's from Quick's Pilot Software. It's small and easy. It will synchronize with MemoPad, so you can get the info into your PC. But I think you'll have to put it into QuickBooks or Quicken yourself.

    Hope this is useful.
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    I haven't used QuickBooks, but I think it's based on Quicken, so I'm guessing it might be able to import .qif files. I'm using QMate which saves .qif files on my hard drive which I then import into Quicken. It's great.

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