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    Hi oxman,

    Thanks for the offer of a swap; if I can't get this sorted perhaps it would be easier to fly over... And the weather might be better too (snowing in the UK at the moment).

    I've currently got quite a bit installed, although on my last phone I tried uninstalling everything and installing applications on their own. It's quite tiresome as the reboots sometimes only happen after about 24 hours, but I'm pretty certain the problem is with Chatter (or at least related to Chatter). I have also had it reset on me with the SD slot empty. I wonder whether it could be network related...

    I've submitted a support request to P1, although I'd be quite amazed if anything useful came out of it.

    Are you running online permanently, or manually syncing as you suggested you were doing in a previous post?
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    I stayed online while I was out and about this morning - about 3 hours. No problems, just a bit of battery drain. Went from 100 to about 65%

    Suggest you try a hard reset, then a clean sync - remember to delete the "backup" folder/directory and then install the "full" 1.0.2 chatter package. Thats' what I did anyway and it has been fine. This didn't help on the 1st Treo BTW, that was DOA.
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    That might be the difference then: this does only seem to happen to me after extended periods online.
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    Is it possible that yesterday's update would have fixed this problem? I've had 24 hours with Chatter running without a reset now. (what's the betting it reboots now...)
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    Was that b8 that seemed stable?

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    Yes, version 1.03b8 seems pretty stable. Of course, this whole thing is so unpredictable that it could just be hopeful thinking... Did you make any relevant changes?
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    Here's what happens. I make a change that I think MIGHT help, and some people say it's great, others say it's less stable. I've given up predicting - this is what happens when you can't get support from PalmOne...

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    My chatter is working great, I do still hav occasional nudging that I cannot stop. It is rare, but happening. I have shut off nudge for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    ...I do still hav occasional nudging that I cannot stop. It is rare, but happening. I have shut off nudge for a while.
    What the hell is nudging?
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    Just reporting in to say I've now been running Chatter non-stop for 48 hours without a reboot / hang. I'm still on b8 and it seems to be pretty reliable; if you think it won't break my nice stable setup, I'll upgrade... otherwise I'm sticking with that release. (Is there anywhere you archive all releases in case I have to go back?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by osxman
    What the hell is nudging?
    A notification feature. It's in the manual.
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    I have all the releases archived...

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