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    When viewing email from a friend of mine (I believe he is using Outlook Express on a Mac iBook) using Chatter I'm unable to see any attachments (there is no link or even a reference to the attachments as existing via Chatter). If I logon to my PC to check email then the attachments are there. But with chatter, no dice.

    Any thoughts on this?

    I've had no other problems receiving attachments from other people.

    Thanks Marc.
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    I don't believe there is Outlook Express on an iBook.

    Could be wrong. Maybe an OLD version of Outlook.

    Entourage, maybe?

    On your PC, is there a link to the attachment or is it displayed "inline"?
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    beyjaybee - Is it possible to have one of these emails sent to so I can test it?

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    yes Fly, there certainly is Outlook under OS 9 (not OS X). You can still download it from Microsoft's Mac site.

    Marc, I'll have him send you a test email with an attachment straight away.

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