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    Something just struck me..and I hope I'm wrong...but not sure.

    I realized that I can use Verichat at the same time as I listen to streaming shoutcast radio..but that I don't get any calls while shoutcast is broadcasting...

    I know I have Verichat set to use the data feed to leaves the phone-use (in lack of better word) for the Shoutcast stream...

    Now I'm scared that the streaming Shoutcast is actually using the minutes in my calling plan!?!

    If DOES it all work?

    Sorry if a stupid question.
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    To my understanding, it is not using minutes to listen to shoutcast. When you say your're using Verichat and shoutcast at the same time, how are you getting messages? Through sms messages? Does it cut down your streams through shoutcast?
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    It doesn't use minutes in your plan. It uses the internet from your vision plan. If you have the vision service as part of your plan you'll be fine.
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    Thanks Don..and phew...

    I just checked my settings in Verichat and I have SMS de-selected and only using data for I guess I AM confused about how I can use Verichat in data feed mode AND listen to Shoutcast at the same time without any interruptions...

    I like it - just not sure how it works....
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    I'm just postulating here but shoutcast, when streaming, buffers a certain amount of music to the Treo before playing. When using Verichat, it only really needs to "talk" to the server when directly sending or rec. a message. When your typing or reading a message no data transmission is occuring. Since you have the buffer and Verichat is only minimally using the feed you won't have any interruptions.
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    Kinda the same way you can chat on AIM, post on TreoCentral, download software, listen to shoutcast, and upload files on an FTP site at the same time on a long as your bandwidth is big enough, it's doable..and if not, it will just switch between the tasks.

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