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    After using my cingular 650 for a few days, I did start to notice the 1-2 second delay (with white screen) when you switch to the phone app. There is a shorter ~1 second delay after clicking a phone number in the contacts list.

    Do 3rd party apps have anything to do with this? I am running cradlecare, and have uninstalled Butler..
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    Could it be related to the number of entries in the call log? If you delete all the entries in your call log, does it help?

    I purged all of mine, and it seemed to make things a little snapier. Then again, this is not an objective scientific test.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisutley
    You are have no idea what you're talking about. I have tested these phones side by side, and there is no question an unusual delay exists. Moreover, the delay varies as much as +/- 3 to 4 seconds. Dialing does not begin until the blank white screen goes away (which can be displayed for up to 5 seconds all by itself), and then once the phone app screen appears indicating that dialing is in progress you have an additional 1-2 second delay.

    Frankly, I don't care to quibble about whether the delay exists, I know it as does PalmOne. Whatever the cause, it needs to be fixed.
    I experience no 3 to 4 second delay at all. When I hit a favorite there is no white screen at all, it is immediate. When I hit a contact, I get a white screen for 1 second, sometimes 2 seconds.
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    I just tried selecting my home number from the Contacts list, and dialed it. I got a white screen for about two seconds while it switched context to the dialing application. Maybe less, I don't know.

    If you find this significant and a source of angst, I just don't know what to say to you. It takes time to unload one app from NVRAM and load another, and if this is truly an issue for you, you might as well give up now, because I suspect you will never be happy.

    I'm starting to question why I even bother to read these forums, because so many people seem to never be happy with anything. My previous PDA was a Sony TG50, and no one on Clie forums ever seemed to be happy with that, either, and did nothing but complain. I think the NVRAM is a feature, and if I have to wait a second or two for a context switch, that's a small price to pay, indeed.

    Some day I hope you find something that can make you truly happy. Me, I think this is one amazing little device.

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    I find this delay in my week-old Sprint T650 very frustrating. God, I hope there's some sort of a patch/ROM update soon.

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