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    Any suggestons
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    Unlocked P1 T650 + 12" Powerbook + Scion xA = Happiness
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    phone technician

    $8 only prob is you gotta get pocket tunes
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    The most advanced and full featured is Lightwav. Then there is mp3Ringer, also from toysoft, which is alot simpler app. Another app that should be mentioned is Ringo from electric pocket. Also, there apps like phone technician, Treoguard, Butler etc that all have limited mp3 ringer funcitonality builtin. Then there are app like Callfilter and Callshield that have mp3 ringer functionality but are not yet fully 650 compatible...however they should be soon. Anyway, here are some links:
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoIsTheFly
    very helpful ya cranky phuck!

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    You don't really need a program. Just convert the mp3 to amr format. Everything you ever wanted to know is listed here

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